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Culinary Institute of America Visit the greatest culinary institute in America and sample the country's best gastronomical creations!
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Home, Museum, Visitor’s Center, Library  
Culinary Institute of America Tour the Culinary Institute of America, widely considered the best culinary school in the United States.
Explore art in the sprawling Hudson Valley artistic community
Governor's Mansion Visit the Governor's Mansion, said to be haunted by past tenants!
Take in dinner & a show in the Hudson Valley
Rip Van WInkle Legend born in Irvington, NY
West Point Military Academy The United States Military Academy, also known as West Point, Army, Army West Point, The Academy, or simply The Point, is a four-year federal service academy in West Point, New York.
West Point Cadet Chapel
Dia Beacon Contemporary Art Museum
Tour Various Hudson Valley Wineries
Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site is a historic house museum in Hyde Park, New York. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1940. It is owned and operated by the National Park Service. The property, historically known as Hyde Park, was one of several homes owned by Frederick William Vanderbilt and his wife Louise Holmes Anthony. The 54-room Vanderbilt mansion was designed by the preeminent architectural firm McKim, Mead & White. Construction occurred between 1896 and 1899. The house is an example of the Beaux-Arts architecture style. The interiors are archetypes of the American Renaissance, blending European architectural salvage, antiques, and fine period reproductions representing an array of historical styles. The site includes 211 acres (85 ha) of the original larger property (once around 600 acres) situated on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River and includes manicured lawns, formal gardens, woodlands, and numerous auxiliary buildings.

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The Hudson River Valley.   

        With more than 153 Tour Attractions from Train Tours and River Cruises to Wineries to Historic Estates and ART, there is MORE history to keep you busy for Your lifetime - and longer.   Here, we hae some samples of the Most Popular tours and Destinations - AND below even MORE by categories.  We gave each a number to help you keep track.

- Hudson Valley Train Tour to the ...

- Culinary  Institute of America -

PLUS - Hyde Park Estate & Mansion Tour

- Roosevelts - Vanderbilt - Morse & Train Tour
















- Included in Your Culinary Institute Tour -

      o  First Class Luxury Motorcoach    *Hudson Valley Videos

     o  Local Guide / Historian                                                          

     o  Luncheon at the Culinary Institute - 

                               - Your Choice of 3 Restaurants

     o  Train Tour along the majestic Hudson River

       - PLUS - Choose 1 of the following ...

   1.  CIA Guided Tour  - 1 hour tour after luncheon

   2.  Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site - “Val-Kill”  

   3.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt Home, Museum, Library,                                                                                      - Visitor’s  Center    

   4.  Vanderbilt Estate      - Frederick Vanderbilt Mansion            

   5.  Locust Grove            - Home of Samuel F.B. Morse,                                                                                    - inventor & painter

   6.  Wings Castle            - Whimsical Stone home of world-                                                       famous artist Peter Wing & Family.

   7.  Winery Tasting & Tour  - Brotherhood or Millbrook Winery 

   8.  West Point          - Tour PLUS Visitor’s Center & bookstore

   9.  DIA: Beacon             - Contemporaty Art Museum

    - CIA Luncheon & Dinner Reservations  1-888-837-7885 -

- The “Rhine of North America” -

- Hudson Valley  Wine Train -

..... The Glorious Hudson River Valley .....

- Delicious - Hearty American Luncheons -

Culinary Institute - West Point - Hyde Park

   Available All Year          f$59 - $109pp

    Depart  7:30am         Return  6:00pm















      Exciting - Dramatic - FUN !  Today you will share in the rich visual and cultural heritage of one of the world’s most beautiful river valleys. The glories of Mother Nature in the Hudson River Valley have been extolled for centuries, serving as a focal point of the Hudson River School of Artists, and the wealthy Dutch plantation owners of the 1600s;  then the new wealth of the Americans from the 1700s, 1800s till today. 

      Home of the Roosevelt’s, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Harrimans. 

- One of America’s most beautiful regions !

















- Included in Your Hudson Valley Wine Train Tour -


   o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach ... w/ Hudson River videos

   o   Local Guide/Historian ..... to fill you in on all the History 

   o   Wine Train Ride   - along the Hudson River thru  the ...                                                 - Hudson Highlands -

   o  *Luncheon  -  Your choice of restaurants

                    - Culinary Institute - Coppola’s -  Buffet

   o  *Choice of Attractions - choose 1 or 2 of 7

            1.  West Point - Guided Tour

            2.  Vanderbilt Mansion   

            3.  Wing’s Castle        

            4.  FDR Home & Library   

            5. Locust Grove-Sam Morse Home

            6. Culinary Institute - Guided Tour











            7. Val Kill - Eleanor’s home               

   o   Magnificent Views of the Hudson River

   o   Brotherhood or Millbrook Winery - Tour & Tasting

   o   Scenic Highways     *price varies with restaurant,                                                                - attractions, distance traveled


- ALL  Wine Train Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885


- Four = 4 - Separate HRV Regions -

- Tours to the Beautiful Hudson River Valley -

- FUN - History - Charm - Delicious & Hearty Meals - 


      The Hudson River Valley has been a lure for visitors for almost 400 years.  From the banks of America’s most scenic river to Bear Mountain and Storm King Mountain, and the plains of the fertile valley between the Catskill and Taconic Mountains, there is a wealth of natural beauty waiting for you and your friends.  Mansions and museums, FDR, Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, West Point, wonderful restaurants and inns, wineries, and so much more we can’t possibly see it all ...

 ... but we sure will try !


1. Tour HV L  - Lower Hudson Valley -    

     Yonkers to Peekskill     


  o  River Cruise - MV Commander     Haverstraw to West Point - 2 hour narrated historic cruise.

  o  Train Tour  - Vanderbilt’s  New York Central Railroad           Yonkers to Peekskill

  o  Kykuit   - Extraordinary house and gardens of the Rockefeller family.  Fine art collection and

                                        Gov. Rockefellers 20th century sculpture.  Commanding view of the Hudson.

                                        Kykuit means “lookout” Dutch names = Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Roosevelt,

  o  Lyndhurst           - An outstanding example of Gothic Revival architecture. Jay Gould.  67 acres.

  o  Sunnyside          - Romantic riverside estate of author Washington Irving. Costumed  guides.

                                                    ..... “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” author.  Headless Horseman

  o  Philipsburg Manor       - 18th century trading center, working farm, waterpowered grist mill

                                               - farm animals, handsomely furnished manor house. Costumed guides

  o  John Jay Homestead      - Colonial home of the First Chief Justice of our Supreme Court

  o  Van Cortlandt Manor     - Restored 1697 Manor House and Ferry House. County seat of               the Van Cortlandt Family for 350 years.  Excellent Restoration by John D. Rockefeller, Jr.














2.Tour HV H      - Hudson Highlands -     

      - Peekskill to Beacon -


  o  Cruise on the MV Commander                                                             Local cruise in the Grand Fjord of the Hudson Highlands

  o  Cruise on the MV Pride of the Hudson                                                  South from Newburgh through the Northern Highlands                ... past Storm King Mountain and Bannerman’s Island

  o  Train Tour along the Majestic, Historic Hudson River

  o  Hudson Valley Wine Train   - Magnificent.  Along the River.                                                                  Attractions & Winery.

  o  Orange County Choppers - Visit the Store seen on TV

  o  West Point - United States Military Academy    

                                  “Duty, Honor, Country”

  o  Bear Mountain          - Inn, Zoo, Lookout, Appalachian Trail

  o  Brotherhood Winer  - Tasting & Tours  

                                Oldest Winery in the USA (:45 min West)

  o  Cold Spring Village - Excellent Antiques & Riverfront                                                              bandstand. Some walking

  o  Boscobel            - 1806 Restored Federal style mansion                                                featuring period furniture - herb and                                              rose gardens. Superb Huydson views  

  o  DIA: Beacon       - NEW World Class ...  largest                                                              contemporary Art Museum in the world

  o  Storm King Art Center    - Outdoor Sculpture Garden                                                                     Excellent - World Famous

  o  Woodbury Commons Shopping    - More than 300 stores                                                                                 ... and growing



3.  Tour HVU - Upper Hudson Valley -        

- Beacon to Albany -

  o  Amtrak Train Tour  Beautiful  Croton-Poughkeepsie-Albany                                               OR Metro Peekskill-Poughkeepsie

  o  Wineries   - Millbrook & Brotherhood Vineyards.  Excellent                                          wines & Tours.

  o  Cruise    - 3 Hour Cruise down the Hudson River from -                                            Rondout Landing to West Point on the                                                    MV Rip Van Winkle  - 3 hour cruises

  o  Culinary Institute   - 3 restaurants plus a guided tour                                                    if you are having lunch.   When not                                                dining, many Tours stop & visit the                                                bakery & gift shop.

  o  Franklin D. Roosevelt   "Springwood"   - Birthplace, home,                                                and gravesite of FDR and Eleanor.                                           Fascinating - Library, Home, Museum -                                                  glimpse into presidential life.                                                   Interactive displays and videos.

  o  “Valkill”               - Eleanor Roosevelt’s country cottage-                                                             home that she loved dearly 

                  - Eleanor lived here after FDR’s death 1945-1962

  o  “Locust Grove”    - Home of Samuel Morse, artist and                                                               inventor (telegraph). 

                                    - Superb furniture, decorative arts, and                                                           telegraph exhibits.

  o  “Wilderstein”           - Mansion built for President FDR but never occupied.

  o  Stattsburgh             - 1895 Beaux Arts“Gilded Age”country                                                   home -design by Stanford White. 

          Mills Mansion      - Beautiful furnishings and panoramic                                                    vistas of the Hudson River.

    The Country Seat Home of Ogden and Ruth Livingston Mills

  o  Montgomery Place  - Meticulously preserved historic Hudson River country estates.    Elegant     mansion closed for renovations     Livingston family mansion. 434 acres rolling lawns, woodlands, orchards

  o  Vanderbilt Mansion  One of the finest of the “Gilded Age”                                      built - 1896 by Frederick & Louise 

                              Home, grounds, formal gardens, spectacular                                     view of the Hudson River.

  o  Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome = Pure FUN ! Relive days of the                                     Barnstormers.Black Baron                                                                  - Airshow Saturday & Sunday -                                                       - Museum daily Memorial - Labor Day  

  o  “Clermont”        - Historic estate, home to 7 generations of the Livingston Family.

                                    Mansion tours, gardens, grounds

  o  “Olana”                 - Unique, Persian style home and work of art designed and built by  

                                          Frederick Edwin Church  -  Hudson River School artist 1870-76.

  o  Gomez Mill House  - 1714 Trading Post. Earliest surviving Jewish settlement/traders home

  o  Rondout Landing     - Kingston on the Hudson.  Former capital of New  York & canal center


  4. Tour HVN - Northern Hudson Valley -   

              - Albany to Saratoga -


  o  Albany             - Guided Tour - Visitor’s Center - Tour the Capitol Building -

                              - Empire State Museum - Hudson Locks Cruise - Riverboat  Cruise

  o  Saratoga Springs  - Thoroughbred Horse Races - Guided Tour - Breakfast Trackside               - Historic Victorian downtown - Mineral Springs - Performing Arts Center - Amtrak Train Tour departure

  o  Glens Falls       - Queensbury Hotel overnight on many tours.  World - Famous hotel


- ALL Hudson Valley Tour Reservations    1-888-837-7885


HVaaHu    - Hudson Valley  -  8 Cruises - 15 Trains - 6 Wineries -      


- 8 - Cruises on the Hudson River -

- All with Historic Narration - WINE & CHAMPAGNE optional -

  A.  Bannerman’s Island Cruise  - Historic fortress-like armory on Polopel Island.

            -  Near Beacon Ferry and Train Station in the Hudson River  1+ hours.  Steep walks.

  B.  Lighthouse Cruise from Historic Rondout Landing

            -  Kingston-on-Hudson. Former capital of New York.                                     Busy canal boat & steamship center.

            -  Trolley ride - Lighthouse Cruise - Historic museums

  C.  Cruise from Kingston on the M/V Rip VanWinkle  

            - MV Rip VanWinkle cruises down the Hudson River                                             from Rondout Landing in Kingston,

                       to West Point.  3 hour cruises operating April -                                           October  Snacks and beverages available

  D.  Cruise from Albany on Dutch Apple Cruises 

            - Daily April - November.  2 and 2.5 hour cruises.                                 Longer cruise northbound includes traveling thru                           the Troy Lock. Snacks & beverages available.

  E.  Champagne Cruise from Haverstraw on the

      M/V Commander - Ship is on the National Historic Register                 - 3 Cruises Daily April - November.  Choice of:

                  10a    -12n Haverstraw to West Point 

                  12:30 -2p   West Point up river, to Newburgh &                                                          Bannerman’s Island & Grand Fjord

                  2:30p -4:30p     West Point to Haverstraw

  F.  Cruise from Newburgh on the MV Pride of the Hudson  

           - South from Newburgh thru the Northern Highlands  -                             Storm King Mountain & Bannerman’s Island


- 15 - Train Tours  ---  3 - Wine Trains


  1.   Hudson Valley Wine Train   - Magnificent.Along the River. Attractions above & Winery.

  2.   Taconic Wine Train                - 3.   West Country Wine Train

  4.   Amtrak Train Tour     Beautiful      Croton-Poughkeepsie-Albany OR Metro NY City-Poughkeepsie

   5-15.   Train Tours  on  Vanderbilt’s - New York Central Railroad      

      A.  New York City      to    Poughkeepsie     (2 hours)   B.  Yonkers               to    Poughkeepsie     (1:30)

      C.  Tarrytown              ‘ Poughkeepsie     (1:15)           D.  Tarrytown              ‘   Beacon            (:51)

      D.  Peekskill                 ‘    Poughkeepsie     (:55)             E.  Croton-Harmon    ‘     Albany            (1:50)

      F.  Poughkeepsie          ‘  Albany            (1:00)           G.  Albany                   ‘     Lake Champlain   (2:50)

      H.  Saratoga Springs to   Lake Champlain      (2:05++)   I.   North Creek          ‘     Hudson River     (2:00)


- 6 Wineries -

  o  Wineries    - More than 50 wineries & vineyards in the scenic Hudson Valley, a perfect region,                    both climate and soil for growing grapes. Many offer affordable, drinkable, table wines

  o  Millbrook Vineyards & Winery.  Fine wines in a beautiful hilltop setting on an old dairy       farm.  Millbrook offers a tour and tasting, and a small gift shop.  It is adjacent to “Wings Castle”

  o  Brotherhood Winery.  America’s oldest winery offers cellar tours and tastings.  Largest wine         cellars in the USA.  Amish gift shop. Frequent entertainment.Extended tastings. Affordable wines.


     ALL Hudson Valley Tour Reservations    1-888-837-7885

- Hudson River Valley -

- ART -

in the

Hudson River Highlands

Beautiful - Stunning - Superb - Exhilarating


- Fine Dining - Hearty American Fare - Your Choice of Menus -


- World-Class Art set against the backdrop of the  beautiful mountains and  meadows ..... Only in the Hudson River Valley


Complete Tours Available April - November - Daily   ex:  Tues & Wed  11a-4p


Included in Your  Husdson River ART Tour

Luncheon plus up to 3 activities are possible in 1 day.  2 are included normally.


      o   First Class Motorcoach

      o   Local Guide/Historian   

      o   Luncheon - at your choice of restaurants (see below)

- Culinary Institute - Hotel Thayer - Hudson House - Hometown -

      1.       Train Ride*               .... along the majestic Hudson or

      2.       Hudson River Cruise*      .... time to relax and reflect

      3.       Dia: Beacon - Art Museum

      4.       Storm King Art Center

.... contemporary art sculptures set on 500 acres of mountain meadows.

      5.       Boscobel Mansion - Gardens & Decorative Art*


Other Nearby Sights that You May Choose    

 6.   o   Locust Grove or  FDR’s home & library “Springwood”

 7.   o   Valkill*                 - home of Eleanor Roosevelt from 1945 - 1962

 8.   o   West Point Guided Tour* - U.S. Military Academy


ALL Hudson River Valley Tour Reservations  1-888-837-7885


- Hudson River Valley -

Art Tours in the Hudson Highlands

HVbHAr    6257


      Art and Artists have always flourished in the Hudson River Valley;  the most famous being the Hudson River School of artists in the 1800s.  More recently, contemporary artist venues have come to dominate the Hudson Highlands with three outstanding representations of artists.


      To get a thorough appreciation of the landscape that inspired and dominated the artists eye, you may begin your tour with your choice of either a train ride or a cruise on the Hudson River. 


The 3 most famous locations for seeing world-class art are:


  1.  Boscobel, which is noted for the collection of decorative arts.  Overlooking the         Hudson River, this 1806 Federal style mansion features authentic period             furninhings, herb garden, and rose gardens. 

  2.  DIA:Beacon  The newest and largest contemporary art museum in the world         spotlighting the works of only 12 famous artists, including Andy Warhol.

  3.  Storm King Art Center, an outdoor sculpture garden set on 500 acres built             into the beautiful rolling hills and mountain meadows.















      All three are magnificent examples of the glorious settings in the Hudson River Highlands. On a 1-Day Tour you can visit all three, or take a more leisurely approach and visit only 2.  Luncheon  and motorcoach transportation are always included. 


Your Luncheon Choices


             Complete Tour Prices    priced from:


      - Culinary Institute   $79   Classic Day of Touring & Dining. 4 restaurants

      - Hotel Thayer         $69   ...at the US Military Academy at West Point

      - Hudson House         $75   Historic Hotel / Restaurant in Cold Spring 

                                            Fine Dining overlooking the Hudson River

      - Hometown Buffet      $57   75 choices on the menu - Top Value

      - Depot Restaurant     $65   Casual American - lighter luncheons

Prices may vary with dates selected, restaurant, attractions, and distance traveled.


ALL Hudson River Valley Tour Reservations  1-800-818-2141

- Hudson River Valley -

- Dinner Theatres  &  Shows -

- Special Events -


- FREE Train Ride -

 ..... in the  Historic Hudson Valley


- Please Phone 1-888-837-7885 for complete updated

Theatre & Show listings, dates, and pricing

HVaaDT      6257


    1.  Westchester Broadway Theatre           from $69

           - Excellent Broadway style Musicals.  Equity Cast plus a fine luncheon.  Elmsford in Westchester County


     2.  Inn at Hunt’s Landing - Lobster Luncheons Fri-Sun     from $59        

            - 11 Themed Festivals changes monthly Mardi Gras to - Oktoberfest -

            - St. Patrick’s - Italian Carnevale - Polkafest - Country & Western -


- Take a  FREE Train Ride to the Festivals! 

      Not quite in the Hudson Valley, but only 19 minutes west of Middletown so you sure can enjoy the festivals all year round.


  3.  Hunter Mountain Festival                                             f$57

            - Just a short ride from Kingston in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, we figure that you’d like to know about these happy events. 

Festivals:  - World Culture - August     German Alps - August    Celtic - August 

            - Oktoberfest September & October



   4.  Platzl Brauhaus - Seasonal themed shows, entertainment,               f $57 

            - A bit of Old Bavaria nestled in a peaceful valley, and lots of good, hearty food. Always FUN.


  Every one of our tours above can include a Cruise or

a FREE Train Ride to add to your Happy Day!


ALL Hudson Valley Shows & Reservations   1-888-837-7885 


- A Capital City -

ALBANY,  New York


The Empire State

Hudson River Cruise & Canal Lock*

Available All Year - Luncheon Buffet or Served

                       Depart 7:00am     Return  7:30pm        

from only $59pp


      Remember the days of the steamboats of the Hudson River Dayline, cruising on the mighty Hudson River from New York City to Albany?  “The Peter Stuyvesant”, the “City of Albany”, the “Alexander Hamilton” and hundreds of other grand ships?  Perhaps you remember the overnight boats, too, with elegant accommodations.  How about the Erie Canal, the most famous waterway in the United States that connected East and West. The Canal was opened in 1825 to the sound of cannons firing salutes all the way from Buffalo to Albany and to New York City.

You are going to experience much of that history today!


Included on Your Historic Albany Tour


      o   First Class Luxury Motorcoach with Videos

      o   Buffet Luncheon  or  Luncheon on the Cruise Boat    

      o   Cruise on the Hudson River including the Troy Lock   Apr-Nov    

      o   Albany Visitor’s Center & Movie

      o   Guided Tour of Albany & Historic Narration

      o   New York State Museum* &  9/11 Exhibit               

      o   Governor’s Mansion*   Thur. only ex July & Aug - optional

      o   Capitol Building Tour*

      Now imagine a  riverboat cruising the Hudson River with you and your friends on board plus a delicious buffet luncheon.  Two hours of time to relax while cruising on the Hudson from Rensselaer to Castleton-on-Hudson  OR  a two hour cruise on the Hudson Riverl including going up and down the Troy Lock, on your cruise boat.  Learn how the locks work.  Always peaceful and relaxing on the water.


 Excellent - Historic - Relaxing Tour

Exact sequence of tour varies with date.   *Choose 1 from list.     2 Day tour includes everything.


ALL Hudson Valley Tour Reservations   1-888-837-7885



NewYorkScenicTours . com



Very Special NOTE 16 Long Island Sound Tours - under Long Island


... include All Water-Themed  Cruises & Tours  from Connccticut to Newport RI





           1. YOU Can Modify ALL Tours to Suit the Interest & Budget of Your Group


           2. YOU can Create YOUR Perfect Tour.  We Do the Work - YOU have the FUN


           3. - NOTE - You may choose the Level, Cost, & Value of Your Tour, Too - 


4 = Superior    3 = First Class  = Most Popular   2 = Economy



Groups Only - Wholesale to the  TT  Industry


      Look for the Original and Official "ST".  Your Professional Guarantee


          Site Under Construction to Improve Our Services for You & Updated Daily

- More ?  Nearby ?   Of Course !


NOTE - You are VERY close to some of the      

      North East's most famous areas



1.  Saratoga               20 min


2.  Lake George         50 min


3.  Southern Vermont 45 min


4.  Cooperstown        1 hour


5  The Berkshires           50 min



The Hudson River Valley

The Rhine" of North America

Magnificent Estates - Wineries - and The River


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